The quest for the perfect health supplement is a seemingly endless one, as most people know by now, and there are plenty of dead-ends and potential dangers along the way. TruVision health is one of the most popular supplements out there today, so when some complaints surfaced regarding it, we had to check it out once again. Instead of basing conclusions here off of reviews alone, it’s essential to do a deeper dive into TruVision health. Please take a look behind the curtain and check out the science behind it to figure out once and for all whether all the hype stands up under scrutiny.

What Is TruVision Health, Exactly? 

TruVision Health is no stranger to the health and wellness industry. The company itself has built up a faithful following with its well-known product range that includes such products as TruNecessity, TruEssentials, and TruHealth, among others. What caught our attention regarding TruVision health was the online chatter surrounding it, with most of it focused on reports of some unpleasant side-effects linked to some of their supplements. To resolve the issue, take a look at the particular ingredients that go into the making of the supplement a little later to figure out what, if anything, the problem is.

Before that, a little background information on the product might be of use. TruVision released its range of supplements back in 2014 with the promise of providing an effective weight loss solution. It was particularly appealing because one could take it immediately, with the bare minimum of contraindications and side effects. It was easily accessible as well, as you could get it from a vast network of retailers, wholesalers, or their online platform.

TruVision Health

Now, This is What Goes Into the Manufacturing of the Supplement:

  • Minerals:

These are naturally occurring inorganic substances that aid in various bodily processes and functions.

  • Dendrobium:

A species of orchid whose extract possesses properties that help indigestion

  • Green Tea Extract:

This contains polyphenols, which are potent antioxidants. In addition to these, it contains amino acids that significantly improve brain function while minimizing anxiety and the accompanying effects.

  • Caffeine:

The useful stimulant perks up the nervous system, which helps improve motor coordination and helps the weight loss process

  • Bitter Orange:

This contains synephrine, which is helpful in the weight loss process

  • Vitamins:

These are essential nutrients the body requires to function properly

You’ll notice that all the ingredients listed above are naturally occurring, which can always be counted as a good thing.

The Side Effects of TruVision Health

Now to the heart of the matter. As we’ve mentioned before, weight loss supplements should leave consumers feeling good, both in mind and body. There’s justified cause to be concerned when they don’t, or lead people to develop negative dispositions that alter how they view themselves and interact with the people around them.

A TruVision Health reviewer reported feelings of increased irritability and agitation, with a general darkening of their mood. When weighed against all the positive reviews to the contrary, however, it looks to be an isolated, rare case. People are different, after all. The reported agitation is somewhat more palatable, as caffeine is a stimulant. For people not used to taking caffeine, the boost in energy can be disturbing. It’s just a matter of simply not knowing what to do with all that extra pep that leaves people feeling belligerent.

The FDA’s Thoughts on TruVision Health 

The Food and Drug Administration got into it with TruVision back in 2015 regarding some of their ingredients. Which were improperly listed as ‘dietary ingredients.’ These were 4-amino-2-methylphenidate citrate (DMBA) and synephrine. They complied with the FDA’s request to put a hold on the distribution of TruWeight and TruEnergy until the issue was settled.

The People’s Thoughts 

A look at product reviews and online forums regarding TruVision Health overwhelmingly praises its effectiveness and happy results. Most report experiencing lifts in their general moods heightened energy levels, and most importantly, significant weight loss. Which is the whole point, is it not. The heightened energy comes in handy for many who previously lacked the energy and motivation to get some exercise.

Bottom Line

There are no miracles when it comes to weight loss, as we’re all very much aware. What TruVision health can do for us is help us shed weight, boost our self-image, and decrease our appetites. It’s not magic; it’s science – good science. The all-natural formulation of their products minimizes the risk of unwanted side effects, putting us well on the way to a healthier, happier self.