The Novel Corona Virus is a new sickness that is now affecting the world. No treatment has been identified yet. WHO is at the forefront to respond against this malady? It is currently monitoring every stage in an attempt to come up with the right vaccine. The new Virus took the headlines in late 2019 and is now spreading all over the world. Despite many claims, the origin still traces back to a large market of Wuhan, China. It is now no secret that the sickness is hard-hitting the world. Thousands of deaths are now evident in many countries, including the USA and Italy!

It takes proper hygiene to stay safe against this Novel Corona Virus! Let’s take a look at symptoms, and all you need to know about how this malady spreads.

What Is Corona Virus (COVID-19)?

What is corona virus? Corona Virus is an infectious disease that is now affecting the whole world. The cause is a newly-discovered virus that has no remedy at present. The majority of the patients of Covid-19 will experience some moderate symptoms that will get better upon proper hygiene and practices. Every vital information about Corona Virus is still under research, and the doctors are yet to give conclusive results about the Corona virus Vaccine.

What are the Symptoms of Corona Virus (COVID-19)?

New things are always emerging about the Virus. Indeed, the sickness may not cause any initial symptoms for some people. It may take 2 to 14 days before the symptoms begin to be evident. There are common corona virus symptoms that the doctors link to Covid-19. They include;

  • A cough that gets severe over time
  • Shortness of breath
  • Fatigue
  • A low-grade fever that increases the temperature

Other symptoms that are not very common include chills, headache, and loss of taste, loss of smell and muscle aches and pains! When the signs prove to be more severe, you can always call the emergency medical services when you experience severe cases, including persistent pain or pressure, confusion, and excessive drowsiness.

What Causes Corona Viruses?

Corona Virus originates from animals. They are Zoonotic, therefore developing from animals first before reaching humans. It takes close contact between a person and an animal for the Corona virus to be transmitted. The transmission then becomes more accessible from one person to the next through the respiratory droplets.

Like any other sickness, the Corona virus also has several causes. Most of its origin is the improper hygiene cases that can be taken care of under proper hygiene. Notably, when individual sneezes, the droplets of the corona Virus hangs as it awaits the next person to be in contact with

Despite the many speculations, the sickness is yet to be linked to any animal. Some researchers speculate that it may have originated from bats and transmitted to other types of animals such as snakes before it was transferred to humans. The transmission disbelieved to have originated from the open food market in Wuhan, China.

How Does COVID-19 Spread?

The primary way through which the Covid-19 spreads is through the droplets that the infected person coughs or sneeze. The droplets have a natural heavyweight making it impossible to hang in the air. It quickly falls on the floor or surfaces. You can, therefore, get infected when you breathe in the air that was inhaled by the infected person. You should, therefore, keep distances and avoid touching surfaces, for you are not sure if it is contaminated.

In summary, it spreads through

  • Sneezing
  • Coughing
  • Touching infected surfaces
  • Staying at proximity to an infected person

Symptoms of Corona

How are Corona viruses Diagnosed?

Like any other viral condition, you can diagnose the Corona virus using blood, saliva, or even a tissue sample. Most of the tests will use a cotton swap to retrieve a sample from the inside of your nostrils.

FDA has already approved the first COVID-19 testing kit. The cotton swab provides people with a way to collect nasal samples that are then mailed to a designated laboratory for testing. You can always talk to your doctor any time in case you suspect that you have Covid-19 symptoms.

What Treatments are Available?

COVID-19 Corona virus is a viral disease that has no treatment so far. No specific vaccine is available for this malady. The research is still underway to establish a procedure for this pandemic. All the treatment cases available now are meant to manage symptoms while the Virus is running its cause. To treat Covid-19 Corona virus, a patient follows a stretch guideline that leads to symptoms.

Some experimental therapies are sometimes used for the illness, such as the steroids to reduce the swellings in the lungs, blood plasma transfusion, and also antiviral or retro viral medications for Corona virus treatments.

How Can You Prevent Corona Viruses?

There are many ways through which you can prevent the spread of Corona virus! Most of the conventional methods are practicing better hygienic practices.

  • Do not touch your face, eyes mouth, or even your nose with dirty hands.
  • Make it a routine to wash your hands daily.
  • Maintain social distances. 2 meters apart will be okay.
  • You can cover your mouth with a tissue paper or with an inside of your elbow anytime you sneeze.
  • Always do a thorough cleaning of the objects that you often touch.

Bottom Line

To conclude, the Novel Corona virus is a sickness that still hits the headlines currently. New infections are evident with thousands of deaths all over the world! Stay home if you want to be safe! If you must be away from home, then stick to all the safety precautions that WHO has approved! The sickness can be controlled only if we all stick to the rules! Your life is extraordinary, your neighbor’s life is also essential; that is why you need to stay home to guard against the spread of this deadly malady!