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Skinnymint Tea Review: Does This Teatox Work?
Detox Tea

Skinnymint Tea Review: Does This Teatox Work? 

Weight loss is a global conversation. Today, there are so many things that contribute to people carrying unnecessary pounds be it a poor diet, diseases, lack of exercise and generally a poor lifestyle. Being overweight is not only a problem for adults, but children also struggle with it. Even if you are not overweight, perhaps you have extra weight that you wish to drop.

Now, the market is flooded with weight loss products. Some are proven to work while others are fake. It can be difficult identifying genuine products when there are so many of them. Reviews can be of help when looking for efficient weight loss products. From user views, you can tell whether an item is worth trying. Make sure you read balanced reviews not exaggerated ones.

What is Skinnymint Tea?

Losing weight is a wide topic that entails many solutions such as detox, shakes, smoothies and teas. Skinnymint is one of the items you will come across in reviews.  For this reason, you need to understand more about the tea to determine whether it is worth a try or not.

As you will read from several Skinnymint reviews, the brand offers two products morning and night tea. While this Skinnymint teatox reviews talks more about the morning boost, it will also cover a little about the night tea.

Skinnymint Tea Ingredients

Well, Skinnymint consist of green tea, dandelion, herbs, mate and nettle leaves, and guarana seed but lacks oolong tea. It has an orange flavor as well.

Green tea contains caffeine and EGCG, which is an antioxidant. The elements improve metabolism and help with burning fat, therefore leaving you healthier than before.

Dandelion is a diuretic. It is an amazing cleansing ingredient, because it flushes water out of your body along with toxins. In your list of cleansing products, remember Skinnymint tea. Dandelion increases urine production and removes excess fluids from your system.  If you have water weight, this ingredient can help you lose it.

• However, dandelion has some side effects such as diarrhea, stomach inflammation and heartburn. Keep those in mind before using Skinnymint.

• Mate makes you feel full. This way, you do not have the urge to eat every chance you get or even overeat. Mate controls your appetite thus ensuring you only eat what your body needs. It enables you to keep your weight in check.

Guarana is basically a stimulant. Like mate, it works on your appetite by suppressing it. The seed also lowers your calorie intake keeping you healthy.

Nettle leaf boosts metabolism. Nonetheless, there are few studies proving that the leaf assists with weight loss.

Oolong tea is also great at helping you shed the extra pounds just like green tea. Oolong researches show that it burns fat and prevents your body form regaining it. Nonetheless, you have to consume the oolong tea often.

Does Skinnymint Work?

Despite some users disliking the taste of Skinnymint, it works for several of them. The caffeine in the tea increases metabolism, leading to weight loss. You should understand that people react differently to weight loss products. Just be positive that Skinnymint tea will work for you. It is worth the try.

Skinnymint Tea Ingredients

Using Skinnymint

Skinnymint morning boost is definitely taken in the morning. Each serving of tea is only 1.2g, which is appropriate for your weight loss routine. You will need 28 servings for you to experience significant results. Regarding taste, the tea is fresh, fruity and tropical. The teabag packaging makes it easy to use the morning boost.

Side Effects

As you will read from several Skinnymint tea reviews, it poses few side effects. Its dandelion ingredient is at the core of the effects, since it is a laxative. It increases the number of trips you make to the bathroom and you may experience some cramping. Dizziness, diarrhea, dehydration and vomiting are the other side effects of this tea.

Skinnymint’s night tea, on the other hand, contains senna, which is a laxative too with similar side effects as dandelion but more intense.

If you are allergic to any of the ingredients including the 80% caffeine content, you had better avoid skinny mint.

Price and Return Policy

Each serving of Skinnymint tea costs $1.07. So do the math for 28servings. Skinnymint lacks a money back guarantee. All you can do is return the product unopened. It is the only way to get a full refund. If you open it or even use it once, you cannot get any money back. However, make sure you return the tea within 60days after purchase.


Skinnymint contains green tea, which helps with weight loss. It contains dandelion that is beneficial but also comes with side effects. Nonetheless, it is a worthwhile weight loss and detox product, but getting your money back is not a guarantee.

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