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Skinnyfit can be described as the daily cleanse exercise aimed to remove toxins from the body and drop some weight. Skinnyfit has been said to have oolong and Sencha. Past reviews have indicated some of the ingredients may not help you in losing weight. One can buy the tea bags through subscriptions. The monthly notifications make it easy for one to acquire the Skinnyfit.

If the month-long subscriptions are not your cup of tea, then one can opt out through the money-back deal, which is applicable even after you opened the package.

So, what is skinny fit? Those who have used Skinny fit have described its taste as something full of flavor and fruity. The tea also has stevia and peach powder. The oolong and green tea have been listed in studies as some of the ingredients best used in weight loss. However, no such information will be listed on the Skinny fit label on the quantities per serving that is consumed.

Caffeine is known to be part of green tea. It has strong antioxidants referred to as catechins.

So, does it work? Sencha, the green tea that forms part of the Skinnyfit formula, has high catechins which shield the body from what researchers refer to as free radicals. The catechins and caffeine collaborate to burn extra fat by increasing your metabolism. Skinny fit tea reviews show a study conducted in 2009 revealed it could be consumed to prevent obesity. Though, it is still unclear how much should be taken in each serving.

Fruity Taste

Skinny fit detox tea reviews show it has guarana. The fruit, a coffee bean size, has stimulants and caffeine. It also contains theobromine which stifles the appetite and calory intake by making you feel full. The celery leaf contains a lot of fiber and water which stifles cravings before mealtime.

Skinny fit tea also has lemongrass, which also makes you feel full. But some have said it may not have enough for effective weight loss.

Losing Weight

But follow-up skinny fit detox tea reviews indicated that between 600mg to 900mg of the catechins in a day is safe if you are looking to lose the extra weight and burn the excess fat. Another ingredient in the skinny fit detox tea is the ginseng, which boosts metabolism and gives you energy. It leads to weight loss too.

Each Skinny Tea serving has 17.9mg caffeine. A cup of coffee contains 95mg. This means it would be best to have the tea a little earlier in the evening, several hours before you retire to bed, the skinny fit reviews say.

A cup should be taken half an hour before the first meal of the day. Another can be taken slightly before a workout. Further skinny fit tea reviews indicate it is packaged in bags that are conveniently placed in hot water, wait for five or seven minutes, then enjoy.

Skinnyfit tea can be enjoyed hot or cold. Though no significant side effects have been recorded, one should seek a medical practitioner’s attention in case of any side effects. A professional healthcare giver’s opinion should be sought as one stops skinny fit intake in case of any side effects.

The Results

Skinny fit detox tea cleanses your body by reducing the water weight. The ingredients include nettle and dandelion. Dandelion leaf is in itself a diuretic. It arouses additional production of urine, which means more fluid leaves the body. But this ingredient is also a laxative. It may cause heartburn, diarrhea and inflammation in the stomach.

The nettle leaf works by cleansing your body through getting rid of metabolic waste usually hidden in the muscles and lymphatic system, which in turn boost bodily functions Reviews show no studies have been released on the nettle leaf effect on losing weight.

Skinny fit reviews further reveal unless one stops the monthly subscriptions, they will continue to be charged, which may be untimely. What’s more? One bag goes for $1.71 for each serving; something others may call unfavorable. The other option is to buy two or three bags at a go.

In general, SkinnyFit teatox carries remarkable components to help you lose weight. The majority of users liked the taste and the fact that it has a ‘fruity’ feeling. Reviews from users indicate daily use can lead to weight loss.

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