Weight loss pills are not new products for people who are struggling with weight. There are indeed many ways that you can use to manage your weight. Among the leadings options that the experts will recommend are exercise and other treatment methods. Weight loss pills are also common for people who often work under a very tight schedule. This type of people will opt to use the weight loss pills, but they are at risk due to these pills. Find out the side effects of weight loss pills to be on the safest side!

Why are Some Weight Loss Pills Dangerous?

The attempt to lose weight can be so daunting when you belong to a group of people who work in an office. The desire to lose weight will expose you to many possible options for weight loss pills! Notably, weight loss pills do boast of many promises that may not be true! It is prudent to be keen wary about the ingredients that make them up. Some brands use harmful components that cause health issues.

Notably, most weight loss products will rely on customer reviews and third-party lab testing results. They often miss out when it comes to clinical research hence making them even more questionable. People are looking for desperate means to lose weight. The demand, therefore, is still high despite the apparent side effects.

The article discusses the leading side-effects that are so common with weight loss pills. Notably, weight loss pills are not the same because they originate from different manufacturers. From this reasoning, it may not be correct to say that weight loss pills are harmful. Some specific ingredients are unfriendly hence necessitating the need to check them.

Most of the diet supplements in the market are less harmful. Some best-selling weight loss products even have a good record. Some are very effective, and they help the users to burn more calories while boosting metabolism. All these are the merits that people seek when they are using weight loss pills.

But, why is FDA banning popular ingredients making up the weight loss pills? Of course, there are reasons for this. Here are a few reasons why the FDA is banning some ingredients that makeup weight loss products.

  • Some ingredients cause diarrhea, agitation ad sleeplessness
  • Weight loss pills may increase the heart rate
  • Some will even make you suffer high blood pressure, hence not suitable for the obese
  • They can also cause liver damage and rectal bleeding

All these are the unfriendly side effects that may result due to some specific ingredients. Every weight loss pill has its ingredient list, and therefore, not all are harmful. You need to pay attention to the ingredients that the manufacturer uses to make the weight loss pill so that you don’t fall victim to harmful products.

Here are the ingredients that may make the weight loss pill to be harmful.


Ephedra is one of the leading ingredients making up the weight loss pills. It is a herbal ingredient that may increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. FDA banned the compound in 2004. In 2005, the FDA approved its use again, but this was not to last for long. The researchers argued that it could be beneficial when used in small doses. In 2006, the FDA banned and recalled the product due to its unfriendly results.


Another famous ingredient that was effective for weight loss is Hydroxycut. Despite its appealing results in weight loss, there were speculations that it can cause severe damage to organs like the kidney. The claim, which was later confirmed let to the banning of the ingredient in 2009. There were reports on adverse reactions. Some people were reported to die after taking the supplement.


During the late 1990s, a Fen-Phen, one of the famous diet ingredients, was banned 1990 after many cases were linked to it. First, the active ingredients were linked to the damage of the heart and liver. Phentermine is also one of the prescription weight loss pills that have issues. You should only take it under close monitoring and prescription from a certified physician.


Meridia, one of the famous weight loss prescription pills, was withdrawn from the market in 2010. It was after a study that concluded the pill could increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. Other speculations linked the drug to issues such as cardiovascular diseases.

The people at risk of these pills are the patients with the eating disorder. Their focus is only to lose weight, and they don’t care much about what it takes to lose it. There are many ways through which people can abuse these weight loss drugs. They include

  • Overdosing the dietary supplement
  • Destructive behaviors where they mix the weight-loss diets with substance drugs such as cocaine and meth.
  • Some users even may start mixing the weight loss pills with laxatives and diuretics.
  • Some people opt to take prescription weight loss pills without the doctor’s advice. Many users are fond of this and account for many dangers that associates with weight loss pills.

Notably, all these practices are unfriendly and will worsen the hazardous issue of weight loss pills abuse. Let us consider the eight serious side effects of weight loss pills.

8 Serious Side Effects of Using Weight Loss Pills

You Could Damage Your Heart

Taking an overdose of a weight loss pill can damage your heart. Some weight loss ingredients have a phentermine effect, which may increase the heart rate. Consuming diet pills will worsen the situation. It may not be easy to tell if you have a heart rate issue. When you begin using weight loss pills, it will increase the chances of you suffering from it.

Increase Your Risk of Stroke

Most of the drugs that the FDA recalled were associated with cases of stroke. Stroke often affects obese people. Sadly, people who are so keen on weight loss pills are obese who even suffer a greater risk because of the ingredients that make up the weight loss pills.

Meridia, for instance, increases the risk of a heart attack. A cardiovascular heart attack is so rampant in overweight people, and it becomes even worse when they take the weight loss pills that could increase the risk.

Pills Side Effects

Liver May Not Function Properly

The claim that herbal supplements are harmless is what makes many people use herbal weight loss supplements. The truth is, most of the ingredients that the FDA places a ban on are herbal! Diet and exercise are not sufficient, and therefore, people are looking for ways to help them handle the issue.

It may not be a good idea to ignore the ingredients table because some ingredients are notorious for interfering with the liver functioning, such as the Hydroxycut! Unhealthy weight loss pills interfere with the normal functioning of the liver hence posing more issues.

Skin Could Become Red and Itchy

Notably, the best weight loss pills free from any form of issues are available, but not all of them are the best. Taking too many weight loss pills can cause some irritation in some parts of the skin. There are reports from the consumers about the development of the red spots and the itchy areas! All these are due to the misuse or excessive use of weight loss pills.

Your Eyesight and Vision Might Get Messed Up

Notably, weight loss pills may contain some ingredients such as alpha and beta-blockers, antidepressants, and antibiotics. All these drugs will interfere with eyesight when you take them in large quantities. Many customers who take too much of weight loss pills complains about interference with vision. Misuse of weight loss pills will result in defects such as blurred vision.

You Might Feel Dizzy and Hear Ringing in Your Ears

Taking too many weight loss pills will also cause some issues such as dizziness and ringing in the ears. The fact that some weight loss pills interfere with the normal functioning of organs explains it. The small alteration is the reason for dizziness and ringing ears.

Kidney Problems

Weight loss pills also do have an impact on the kidneys. The weight loss pills that may contain Hydroxycut will interfere with how the kidney functions. Too much of it will damage the kidney! When you have a problem with the kidney, it may not be possible for your body to excrete toxins.

Rectal bleeding

Finally, one of the serious issues associated with weight loss pills is rectal bleeding. Some weight loss pills cause conditions such as colon ischemia. The leading ingredient which will cause this side effect is Phentermine. Phentermine is a drug that you can use for short term weight loss. Taking an overdose or prolonging the period that the doctor prescribes for you will increase the risk of rectal bleeding.

The Bottom Line

To conclude, weight loss pills do pose side effects. The side effects of weight loss pills are so common, but you can take care of them when you stick to the rules that govern every weight loss pill. It is the desperation that leads to serious side effects.

Always consider it wise to choose the best weight loss pills that use suitable ingredients. It is possible to get the best weight loss pills that do not have any issues. You should also consult a doctor before deciding to use weight loss pills. Once your doctor approves it, stick to all the instructions, including the dosing and the time.