Maintaining a good weight is almost impossible currently. The daily activities, as well as the unhealthy diet, promote weight gain and various diseases. There is no time to carry out daily workout activities and people have now turned to Herbalife shake supplements. These products help to nourish the body with nutrients. Weight loss supplements contain protein which helps to support the burning of body fat. Besides that, they also help to regenerate muscles. They are versatile products that can be used as meal replacements because they effectively help to suppress appetite.

Besides that, supplements are also good pre-workout drinks because they help to increase the levels of energy in the body. Some people may use them as post-workout drinks because they soothe inflammations and repair worn-out muscles. Herbalife shake is rated among the top meal replacement shakes in the weight loss industry. The powder shake is designed to help users reach their weight loss goals in a quick and safe manner. This article provides a review of Herbalife shake.

What is Herbalife Shake?

It is a weight loss meal replacement that is formulated using a variety of ingredients. Herbalife is designed by Herbalife Nutrition. The company which is based in California, USA was first established in 1980. Since then, it has grown to be one of the trendsetters in the weight loss industry. Herbalife Nutrition sells consumer-friendly weight loss products as well as other supplements that promote weight loss.

Herbalife shake isn’t a program that’s designed to offer “quick-fix” solutions. It has been uniquely designed using a blend of various ingredients to ensure that the weight loss goals of different consumers are met with long-term results. The cost-friendly product is available in all corners of the world. Consumer reviews indicate that Herbalife is an effective weight loss supplement that produces visible weight loss in a short period of time.

Herbalife Shake Ingredients

The ingredients are a supplement that plays a vital role in determining its effectiveness when it comes to weight loss and other aspects of wellness. Brands usually blend multiple ingredients whose effects become even more powerful when they are combined. The active Herbalife shakes ingredients are outlined below.

  • Protein Blend

Herbalife’s source of the protein includes soy protein isolate. It contains essential nutrients and other compounds that are responsible for promoting satiety. Besides that, soy protein isolate is great for digestive health. It can easily transform oestradiol which is harmful to the body’s health into oestrone which is safe. The protein also helps to reduce high blood pressure and it helps to improve heart health.

  • Fiber Blend

Fiber is an important ingredient for any supplement that’s formulated for weight management. It helps to reduce hunger pangs and reduce cravings. It effectively promotes satiety for long hours and the result is a lower intake of calories. Herbalife’s fiber is obtained from corn bran. It’s an insoluble type of fiber that has characteristics of a sponge. Corn bran absorbs water from the digestive tract and forms the bulk of consumed food. It prevents chances of constipation and reduces the likelihood of conditions such as hemorrhoids as well as diverticular disease.

  • Sugars

Herbalife contains Fructose. It’s a sweetener that’s used to enhance the taste of this meal replacement. Fructose is a natural sweetener that is normally extracted from organic fruits. It contains simple types of carbs. The sweetener is very easy to digest and it’s easily absorbable. It is normally converted into energy.

  • Vitamins and Minerals

What makes this meal replacement effective for consumption is that it contains a high-quality blend of minerals and vitamins which include vitamin A, calcium, Vitamin K, iron, vitamin E among others. They help to ensure that the body is supplied with the vital nutrients which the body needs to carry out basic functions. Besides that, they also support effective weight management.

How Does Herbalife Shake Work?

This meal replacement shakes works in a variety of ways. First, Herbalife shake suppresses appetite. It contains a blend of protein and fiber that works to suppress hunger. The soy lecithin, soy protein isolate, and corn bran can sustain hunger for three or four hours. They reduce constant food cravings especially for carbs and processed foods with high amounts of fats and sugars. This helps to create a calorie deficit and the body is forced to convert the stored fat into fuel or energy.

Secondly, the soy protein lecithin is great for the development of muscles. Apart from sustaining the levels of energy in the body, it helps to ensure that the lean muscles are well preserved and also regenerated. The blend of vitamins and minerals helps to promote the growth of cells and nourishes the body. Lastly, there is fructose which is great for digestive health.

Herbalife Shake Nutrition

The way different ingredients that are used to formulate this shake are spread out a matter. For instance, Herbalife shake calories usually average at 90. This is a great number for a supplement that is designed to promote weight loss and improve the feeling of satiety. A good meal replacement shake shouldn’t have more than 200 calories. This is because of the higher the number of calories in a supplement, the lower its effectiveness in promoting weight loss.

The amount of protein also plays a vital role in promoting the development of lean muscles. Protein is also needed to promote satiety since it helps to curb hunger. Herbalife shake contains 9g of protein for every serving. This is a moderately good amount. The dietary fiber that’s found in this meal replacement is just 3g. Compared to other meal replacement shakes that are considered effective, this amount is much lower. A single serving of Herbalife contains 9g of sugar.

Note that too many dieters, this is a ridiculously high amount of sugar that makes this supplement unattractive. Most weight loss supplements contain less than 2g of sugar which makes them effective. Note that Herbalife doesn’t contain any cholesterol, Trans, or saturated fat.

Herbalife Shake Flavors

For consumers, there is an unlimited option when it comes to flavors. This provides versatility, thereby ensuring that the needs and taste preferences of different consumers are met. Some of the Herbalife shake flavors include:

  • Café latte
  • Chocolate
  • Mint Chocolate
  • Dutch chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Wildberry
  • Orange Cream
  • French vanilla
  • Pina colada
  • Cookies and cream
  • Dulce de leche
  • Pumpkin Spice

Herbalife Protein Shake Cost

There are many sellers of Herbalife shake. Consumers can make purchases online from Herbalife’s website or via Amazon, Vitacost, Walgreen, Alibaba, Macy’s among others. There are also distributors who sell Herbalife weight loss products directly to consumers although their prices usually vary. A single package of these nutritional shakes goes for about $39, 90 and it contains 30 servings. Note that Herbalife weight loss shakes’ prices are bound to vary depending on where you make purchases.

Pros and Cons of Herbalife Shake

Taking Herbalife provides the body with multiple benefits. The potent ingredients which are obtained from a wide range of sources work together to improve the wellness of the user. However, with all supplements, dieters are usually advised to exercise a lot of caution when taking Herbalife. This section outlines some of the Herbalife shake benefits and side effects.

Herbalife Shake


Herbalife is mainly used to promote weight loss. It’s one of the best weight loss supplements in the market. The formulation has consumer-friendly ingredients that promote the loss of excess body fat while maintaining the physical appearance of the user. Other benefits of this supplement include:

  • Increasing the levels of energy in the body
  • It contains a wide range of minerals and vitamins that are vital for nourishment.
  • Promotes digestive health by improving enzyme activity and the elimination of wastes.
  • Lacks harmful Tran’s fats and cholesterol which promote weight gain.

Side Effects

Just like it’s stated above, taking Herbalife should be done with caution. Any excess intake can lead to serious side effects. Note that this formula responds differently to different users. While it may promote weight loss, some people have reported that they have experienced nothing at all. Besides that, some of them ended up experiencing weight loss results for a few weeks and then their bodies become tolerant of it. Other Herbalife Shake side effects include:

Bottom Line

Herbalife shakes are affordable weight loss products that can easily help overweight individuals to reach their weight loss goals. Its ingredients have been scientifically proven to be effective in supporting weight loss. Taking this supplement not only helps you to reach your weight loss goals but it also improves your overall wellness. Although it’s considered as one of the top-rated weight loss products, weight management requires multiple reinforcements. Herbalife supplements should be used with a healthy diet as well as a good workout program.