A Meal replacement shake, especially if it contains protein powder, is very effective in promoting weight loss. They help to build lean muscle mass and promote faster metabolism of fat. For those who don’t want to cut down their daily nutritional needs, protein shakes offer a healthy alternative with minimal side effects. Note that the very big demand for weight loss supplements means that there are many brands that sell them. As a result, it’s not easy to find a product that will match your needs. However, GNC Company is a brand that sells high-quality weight loss products and in this article, we review the GNC Lean Shake Supplement.

About GNC Lean Shake?

It’s a meal replacement supplement with ingredients that improve the wellness of the user. GNC is a diet Shake that is normally sold as a protein powder. According to GNC, the company that manufactures this supplement, the Shake has been clinically tested to be effective for weight loss.

GNC is a brand that manufacturer dependable weight loss supplements. The reputable company which is based in the US has chains of retail outlets worldwide. Total Lean meal replacement is a highly effective product that is full of nutrients, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins among others.

GNC Lean Shake Ingredients

Minerals and vitamins are some of the vital ingredients that a supplement designed for weight loss should have. GNC Total Lean Shake contains this blend as well as other ingredients. From fiber to protein, outlined below in detail are the main ingredients that are found in GNC meal replacement Shake.

  • Protein

It is obtained from milk protein concentrate. Although this source of protein isn’t a favorite for most people, it’s effective. Milk protein has all the essential amino acids that are needed by the body. It improves the composition of various organs and helps to curb hunger. Other sources of protein include whey isolate and – whey concentrate.

  • Fiber

GNC Lean Shake contains a wide variety of fiber sources. For instance, the formula contains oat bran, xanthan gum, and cellulose gum. These combination has been termed to be highly unique. It promotes the feeling of fullness. Consumers taking GNC Total Lean Shake are guaranteed long hours of satiety as well as reduced cravings for food. The supplement helps to reduce the intake of processed foods that are rich in fat and unhealthy sugar.

  • Sweeteners

 GNC Lean Protein Shake contains sucralose. However, unlike most supplements that are designed for healthy weight loss, sucralose isn’t a good source of sugar. It is regarded as an unhealthy artificial sweetener that can cause various health problems. According to various medical studies, sucralose has been linked to serious diseases such as diabetes and cancer.

  • Minerals and Vitamins Blend

A good and high-quality meal replacement Shake should contain a wide variety of minerals and vitamins. These ingredients contain compounds that are vital for the body. They are rich in nutrients that the body needs daily for it to function in a proper way. Some of the vitamins and minerals that are found in GNC Weight Loss shakes include:

  • Vitamin B12: Supports or improves the level of immunity. It’s also great for reversing anti-aging.
  • Vitamin E: prevents diseases like Alzheimer’s, diabetes among others. This vitamin also helps to reverse the symptoms of neurological diseases.
  • Niacin: moderates the level of good cholesterol by increasing its production.
  • Riboflavin reduces the possibility of anemia and supports immunity.
  • Folic acid: minimizes the chances of fetal defects
  • Thiamin: supports the cardiovascular system. Thiamin also supports the functions of the nerves.
  • Biotin: it’s great for the healthy growth of bones, nails, hair, etc.

GNC Total Lean Shake Nutritional Information

Professional GNC Lean Shake reviews indicate that this meal replacement contains a moderately good level of nutrition. It contains vital food components that help to improve the digestive health, nervous system, heart health, the mental focus among others. Outlined below is GNC Lean Shake’s nutritional information for every serving.

  • Sugars

A single serving of GNC Lean Protein Shake contains 4g of sugar. Although this is regarded as an average amount when it’s compared to other shakes, it’s not attractive to overweight dieters. For instance, if the dieter takes two servings of GNC Total Lean Shake every day, they will end up ingesting about 8g of sugar. Note that this can derail the weight loss process. Sugar is normally associated with weight gain and it promotes the storage of fat in the body.

  • Fiber

This meal replacement Shake contains 5g of soluble fiber and 8g of dietary fiber. According to GNC Lean Shake reviews, the dietary fiber in these supplements accounts for almost 30 percent of the daily fiber intake. The supplement uses its high fiber content to promote long-lasting satiety.

  • Fat

Overall, this supplement contains 3g of fat. Out of this 0.5g is categorized as saturated fats i.e. the “bad fat”. This is a significantly small amount of bad fat hence it can’t cause any harmful side effects.

  • Protein

With 25g of protein, this is a high amount that helps to promote various bodily functions. GNC Lean Shake reviews show that this supplement can support muscle repair and regeneration.

  • The Cost

GNC is one of the affordable weight loss shakes found in the market. A single serving costs around $2.5. The supplement is available on the company’s main website as well as selected retailers who are available online. Some of the online sites that sell this meal replacement Shake include eBay, Alibaba, Walgreen, Amazon, Macy’s, Walmart, and many others.

GNC Lean Shake Flavors

This supplement has been formulated in a way to accommodate the various needs of consumers. Apart from the natural flavor, it’s also available in other tasty flavors. The wide variety means that every GNC Lean Shake user can find something that suits them. The basic flavors and popular flavors include Swiss chocolate, Vanilla bean in addition to Cookies n Cream. Other flavors include:

  • Orange Cream
  • Mixed Berry
  • Banana Cream

GNC Total Lean Reviews show that the supplement has a generally good flavor. There are numerous positive reviews that indicate that people actually love the taste and texture of this meal replacement shake.

GNC Lean ShakeGNC Lean Shake Benefits

Taking these supplements results in multiple health benefits. It first helps to support weight loss. The Shake contains a protein and fiber blend which helps to create a calorie deficit in the body, leading to the metabolism of fat. They also help to form strong Lean muscles that improve the appearance of the user. Other benefits of this supplement include:

  • Promoting satiety

The fiber in this Shake helps to ensure that the user ends up satiated for some hours. The protein blend of whey isolate, milk concentrate, and the whey concentrate also help to ensure that the consumer experiences few hunger pangs.

  • Reversing skin aging

This supplement contains high amounts of antioxidants. They help to fight radicals that interfere with various systems in the body causing the skin to age. The high-quality minerals and vitamins also help to nourish the skin, giving it a smooth, supple look.

  • Promoting endurance

The best meal replacement Shakes contains ingredients that increase the energy levels in the body. The compounds found in the ingredients increase the functions of the mitochondria which in return leads to a sustained energy level in the body.

  • Supporting the immune system

By eliminating the toxic wastes, fighting the radicals, and reducing the chances of contracting diseases, this supplement helps to improve the immune system. The minerals also play a vital role in balancing the way different systems in the bodywork.

GNC Total Side Effects

Taking this meal replacement can result in fatigue. This is because it contains a few numbers of calories. Besides that, the consumer may end up with headaches and migraines because of the reduced level of nutrient intake. Some people may end up suffering from bloating, vomiting, and a constant feeling of nausea. Though the company indicates that the side effects are mild, in case they persist you should seek medical assistance.


  • Reduced fat intake thanks to the whey protein isolate
  • Affordable
  • Wide range of mineral and vitamin blend
  • High amounts of protein
  • Increased satiety


  • A chalky after-taste
  • Rough texture and unappealing consistency
  • Hunger pangs
  • Not vegan friendly
  • High amounts of sugar

Bottom Line on GNC Lean Shake

Overall, taking this meal replacement Shake has a lot of benefits. You are guaranteed of high amounts of protein and fiber. This supplement helps to effectively support satiety. It reduces any chances of hunger pangs for a long period of time. Its potent and healthy blend of ingredients makes it a viable post-workout or a pre-workout drink. It soothes sore joints, repairs worn-out muscles, and increases physical strength. Additionally, It helps to improve mental focus by improving cognitive functions. For anyone who wants to lose weight without depriving their body of nutrients, this is an efficient supplement that you should try out.