Has your diagnosis with gestational diabetes come out positive? First, it’s seemingly stressful to watch out for what you eat, and knowing that failure to be keen makes you and your baby vulnerable to health problems. Even so, it’s quite inspirational to know that your baby’s health depends on your healthy eating. And so, to speak, a gestational meal plan comes in handy. It’s the only tool you need to keep you and your bay’s health in good shape.

What is Gestational Diabetes?

Gestational diabetes is a disorder perpetrated by the body’s inability to regulate blood sugar levels. Annually 2-10% of pregnant women are affected by gestational diabetes. But it’s not just brought by poor diets. The hormones released by the placenta, seconded by weight gain, can result in gestational diabetes.

Gestational diabetes can be detected through glucose tolerance tests usually done between 24-28 weeks of pregnancy. And in most trials, positivity is proven by the elevated glucose level in the blood. After the tests, the doctor will advise on how you can check your blood sugar level. Moreover, he will recommend that you get a gestational meal plan from a certified dietician.

Gestational Diabetes Symptoms

In as much as certainty depends on the tests, some women will notice gestational diabetes signs before seeing a doctor. Common symptoms can be more consumption of liquids and increased urination.

Still, some may notice blurred vision that comes along with fatigue. However, gestational diabetes fatigue can be disguised as normal pregnancy fatigue. Despite all these, gestational diabetes may not show in some expectant mothers. As such, it will help if you go to your prenatal appointment.

What is the Gestational Diabetes Meal Plan for Patients?

While a dietician should personalize the gestational diabetes meal plan, some diet basics will still keep your blood sugar under control.

Foods rich in fiber will decrease blood sugar spikes. So, you should opt for fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole grains. Also, you will be required to reduce your intake of carbohydrates. However, they are still important to your baby, so you should take a minimum of 175 grams per day. On the other hand, fats and proteins help slow the entry of glucose into it bloodstream. It will be best if you include them in every meal and snack you take.

The diabetes meal plan is a way in which you can include high fiber foods in your meals and pair healthy carbohydrates with proteins. Use this data in conjunction with your dieticians’ advice.

Remember, with gestational portions of healthy carbohydrates count and your plan should be given by a dietician or a diabetes educator. Getting your meals and snacks from the options below will ensure you consume foods that keep your blood sugar level under control. Still, you get the nutrients essential for your baby’s development.

Diabetes Meal Plans


Your blood sugar level reduces at night. As such, you will need a healthy breakfast to keep you and your baby going. Therefore, you should go for 30-45 grams of carbohydrates.

Recipes Options To Go For

  1. An Old-Fashioned Oatmeal crowned with raspberries
  2. Soaked Rolled oats containing zero sugar served with almond milk and nuts
  3. Whole grain zero sugar toasts served with nut butter
  4. Egg sweet potato grilled bread with spinach
  5. Scrambled eggs served with sautéed tomatoes and onions


With snacks, you have to aim for lower carbs. 15-30 grams will suffice


  1. A cup of half mixed berries with Greek yogurt
  2. A Frozen banana chocolate


Still, with your lunch, you must aim for 30-45 grams of carbs

Recipes to go for

  1. Hummus Sandwich topped with vegetables
  2. Get a Half of toasted chicken sandwich served with whole-grain bread, bean broth, or vegetables.
  3. Salmon Salad


  1. Go for 15-30 grams of carbohydrates
  2. One medium apple and three tablespoons of peanut butter
  3. Take Lime together with Popcorns


When it comes to dinner, you can use the plate method to create a balanced meal. You will have to include 30-45 grams of carbohydrates. Additionally, your dinner should contain lean proteins and many vegetables.

  1. Bean-based pasta, cooked veggies seethed in soup and crowned with either chicken or white beans.
  2. Lean toasted steak, toasted corn on cobs, served with a salad containing low sugar.
  3. Roasted pork chops, applesauce with brown rice. This recipe should be accompanied by quinoa and salad blended in olive oil and vinegar.


Your after-dinner snack carbohydrates should never go beyond 15 grams.

Recipes To Crack

  1. A small pear sprinkled with cinnamon
  2. Four pieces of chocolate chip cookie dough ball

How to Make a Gestational Diabetes Meal Plan At Home

  • Option For Complex Carbohydrates

you have to be keen on the amount of carb you take. Consider 30-45 grams per meal. On the other hand, your snack’s carb range should be within 15-30 grams.

Further, complex carbs contain fibers that promote slow digestion and inhibit the spike of blood sugars. Your whole gestational meal plan should comprise beans, whole grains, and veggies.

  • Use The Plate Method

The plate method is ideal when you need to know the proper portions without taking actual measurements of calories. It’s suitable if you want to make a balanced nutritious meal. It involves a plate with half non-starchy veggies and a quarter of lean protein together with whole grains. Moreover, it ensures consistency in the amount of carbohydrates you take in every meal.

  • Couple Carbohydrates, A Protein With Healthy Fats

Coupling carbs with proteins and fats reduce spikes in blood glucose level. Besides, it keeps you full as proteins and fats take longer to be digested than carbohydrates.

  • Create a Daily-Based Consistent Eating Schedule

Your meal plan should have no eating gaps. You have to take at least three meals in a day followed by three or two snacks. Remember skipping meals will limit your baby’s nutrients. Further, it aggravates the drop of blood sugar levels.

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The diabetic recipe is a free, direct, and user-friendly app. In a bid to justify its name, it features a database containing all diabetes-friendly recipes.

Further, it provides downloadable instructive videos on how to prepare each recipe. Again, it has a built-in carb counter that tracks your carb intake throughout the day.

What Not To Eat in Gestational Diabetes?

A lady refusing eating donut because of gestational diabetesYou don’t have to ban yourself from a whole truck of food because you are a gestational diabetes patient. As aforementioned in the gestational diabetes meal plan, you have to regulate your carbs.

But, generally, you have to avoid;

  • Sugary Beverages

Soda and fruit juice raise your blood sugar level. Still, natural and organic juices, despite having no sugars, contain sufficient carbohydrates that can spike your blood sugar level. I would advise you to use lemon juice instead.

  • Sweets

When expecting, you are likely to crave sweets. But, you have to restrain yourself from sweets as they contain sugars that are harmful to your health. Instead of sweets, you should take a full-fat ice cream.

How Does Gestational Diabetes Affect Pregnancy?

A pregnant lady is concern about gestational diabetes Gestational diabetes can result in larger babies. As such, normal baby delivery cannot be made. Therefore, the laboring mother will be forced to undergo a C-section delivery. On the other hand, if the baby is to be delivered normally, its size will cause excessive bleeding and tears in the delivery path.

Further, expectant mothers with extreme gestational diabetes may give to infants with breathing problems or jaundice. And stillbirth is also a significant risk.

Final Advice

A Guide to Overcoming Gestational DiabetesBeing able to get your blood sugar level under control is critical for a healthy pregnancy. Committing yourself to change your diet after being diagnosed will help evade pregnancy complications. Since gestational diabetes is something we can’t feel, we may ignore it. But the dangers it brings along can’t ignore us!

Nonetheless, healthy eating during pregnancy counts, and it’s the only way to beat gestational diabetes. If you are detected with gestational diabetes, I advise you make changes in your diet. Also, observe its symptoms and make appointments with a doctor should you see one.