Weight loss is an issue that most people struggle with. This condition can be a result of diet and poor lifestyle choices. Besides that, it could be a result of an underlying medical condition. But did you know that you can use a high-fat diet and exercise to lose weight? Well, below is an overview of the exercises for keto diet while you’re on it.

What Type Of Exercise Is Best For Keto?

There are several types of exercises that are suitable for keto diet bodybuilding. This ranges from short sessions with energy outbursts. Alternatively, there are others that involve energy buildup. The best types of Exercises for Keto Diet include:

Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercises normally last longer than three minutes. This allows a person’s body to build up energy steadily as the exercise continues. Such activities are like cycling, swimming, running, etc. It also allows your breathing rate to increase with an increase in exercise. This, therefore, means that the person’s body gets sufficient oxygen. These exercises involve the burning of fat for energy production.  Therefore, they are ideal for a keto dieter.

Anaerobic Exercise

Anaerobic exercises involve a lot of energy for a short time.  It involves short energy bursts.  Such exercises are like weight lifting and sprinting. It involves breaking down of glucose for energy without using oxygen

Flexibility Exercises

These are exercises that involve stretching of the body’s muscles. Flexibility exercises make the muscles flexible. Besides that, they help to increase a person’s range of motion and improve joint support.  With improved supported joints. It involves an exercise such as yoga.

Stability Exercises

Stability exercises make a person engage in a group of muscles known as the core. The core includes muscles that control the spine. These exercises help to strengthen core muscles, thereby improving posture. They also help to maintain a person’s body balance.
Exercise On A Keto Diet

How Much Should One Exercise On A Keto Diet?

Keto is a kind of diet that restricts the intake of carbohydrates. The keto diet plan involves heavy consumption of fat. Using the keto diet, therefore, means the muscle cells will not depend on sugar to produce energy. When this happens, the muscles will not function on highly intensive exercises. This is because in highly intensive exercise the muscles depend on glucose to produce energy. The muscles can only burn fats and ketones after 2 minutes of exercise.

So, how much should one exercise on a keto diet? It should be noted that the keto diet plan restricts a person from highly intensive activities. Well, here is how you should exercise.

  • If it’s sprinting or swimming, it should be moderate. This is because it involves bursts of energy within a short period.
  • Playing sports that have extended rest breaks.
  • Avoid lifting extremely heavyweights

There are many other activities that keto dieter restricts. They are exercises of short length but highly energy-intensive.

The Right Way to Workouts on Keto

During the first moments of the exercise, the body usually generates energy through glycolysis. This is because blood is glucose dominant. As a result, the dieter ends up craving sugary foodstuffs. When energy production is due to the glycolysis pathway, the phosphene system of energy production is delayed. This is because the two pathways usually conflict.

The best way to let the body start burning up fats is by exercising steadily. This allows the body to get sufficient oxygen supply. The resultant is an aerobic exercise where the body depends on the phosphene pathway for energy.  So, it makes the body muscles easy for keto-adaptation. A person, therefore, does not need to burn up all the glycogen in the initial stage to move to ketosis. One can choose a low-intensity cardio exercise.

Can You Lose Weight On Keto Diet?

One can lose weight by using the keto diet. It should be noted that there is a keto diet for bodybuilding. For effective results, however, one usually requires self-discipline to achieve it.  They must use the keto diet tracker. Besides that, they should make sure they eat adequate meals and exercise. This is because a real ketogenic diet needs 90% of consumed calories to generate energy. Its major encouraging fact is that you can get weight loss results faster. This is unlike the calorie reduction diet that takes longer.

How The Keto Diet Can Affect Your Workouts?

Keto diet remains one of the most popular ways of aiding weight loss. Although it requires self-discipline it is relatively easier to follow. This is because the dieter needs to cut down on carbohydrates intake. On the other hand, they need to eat lots of fat and moderate proteins. This results in the body depending mainly on fats to produce energy thereby burning it. By burning body fats to produce energy, one loses weight steadily.

Although the keto diet gives good results on weight loss, it should be noted it has side effects. The side effects usually affect an individual during workouts. Below are some of the side effects for an interested dieter to take note of:

You might feel weak during the first few weeks

At the initial stages of the new diet, an individual will feel weak. This is because it will take some time for the body to completely adapt. Transitioning from burning carbohydrates to burning fats the body takes about two weeks. During this period, some individuals experience symptoms like brain fog, headaches, chills, and a sore throat.

The “keto poops” and workout interruption

This diarrhea occurs due to the interruption of the body’s system. It is commonly known as keto diarrhea. Keto poops are common due to the high-fat diet. This happens because the gallbladder gets overworked.

You’ll need to hydrate a lot more often

Ketosis usually increases the frequency of urination. This means one will lose a lot of electrolytes through urine. Therefore, one loses a lot of water weight in the initial stages. Another factor that causes dehydration is the lack of fruits in the diet. Note that fruits have high amounts of carbs. Therefore, the body ends up without adequate water that normally comes from fruits. So, during exercise one will experience thirst.

Bottom Line

Exercises for the Keto Diet have been consistently effective in promoting weight loss. The best this about it is that you can exercise while you keep track of your diet. However, you need to exercise caution as a keto dieter. This is because the high-fat diet can lead to unwanted side effects.