Many people have relied on Ensure brand for a long time now. This is due to their long history associated with the manufacturer of dietary supplements such as Sports energy drinks, Similac, and Pedialyte. The company behind these shakes begun in 1903 when it wants to be known as Ross laboratories. In 1964 it joined Abbott laboratories. This resulted in an Ensure brand that became public in 1973. Ensure Protein Drink has been made with various ingredients that are geared toward improving both taste and flavor. 

Is Ensure Protein Drink Good for Athletes?

Sports energy drinks are meant to improve the performance of many athletes. It’s unfortunate that some of these nutrition drinks normally don’t prove to be useful for many athletes. However, you need to be certain when you use Ensure protein drink. This is because it made up of ingredients that can help to improve endurance and provide enough energy required during the exercises.

after intensive work out, you may have worn out muscles. And as such, you may consider using Sports nutrition drinks to help in the repair and building of your muscles. It will also help to replenish the glycogen that may have been utilized during the workout.

What is Ensure Protein Drink Made of?

The list of ingredients that make up Ensure drink is very long as it incorporates, essential vitamins and minerals, flavors, sweeteners, thickeners, and proteins. The ingredients include. Milk Protein Concentrate, Soy Protein Isolate, Corn Maltodextrin, Cocoa Powder, Water, sugar, Canola Oil, Potassium Citrate, Liquid Sucralose, Gellan Gum, Zinc Gluconate, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Beta-Carotene, Phytonadione, Cyanocobalamin, Magnesium Phosphate, Salt, Cellulose Gel, Ferrous Sulfate, Vitamin A Palmitate, Manganese Gluconate, Chromium Chloride, Sodium Selenite, Cellulose Gum, Sodium Ascorbate, Carrageenan, Acesulfame Potassium, dl-Alpha-Tocopheryl Acetate, Niacinamide, Calcium Pantothenate, Thiamine Chloride Hydrochloride, Riboflavin, Folic Acid, Biotin, Potassium Iodide, Sodium Molybdate, Vitamin D3.

Ensure Drink Before or After a Workout

There are several reasons why you may need to take ensure protein shake. Whenever you have to indulge in anaerobic exercise, there are chances that you will lose a lot of energy. The question of knowing when to use these protein shake has been a matter of concern to many.  Your muscles have to power themselves during the exercise and that’s why it’s going to use available glycogen.

It’s, therefore, an ideal choice to use Sports energy drinks 60 minutes after you have done your exercises. This will provide you with enough energy to replace the lost glycogen. The protein hake will also ensure you get enough protein to help improve your muscle’s health.

Ensure Protein Drink

How to Use Ensure Drink

Ensure protein drink is often used for weight management. Knowing how to use it will enable you to maximize its benefits in your body.  You will be advised that you can substitute Sports nutrition drinks with your meals. But to be more specifics, which meals are you going to supplement with the Sports energy drinks?

Its recommended that you can drink ensure shake in the morning or lunchtime. Alternatively, if you do not receive the anticipated results, you can substitute your lunch and breakfast with the protein shake.  It’s also advisable to shake Ensure protein shake and serve it with an ice cube to improve its taste.

Side Effects of Ensure Drink

Is ensure a good protein drink? The answer is yes and no. some of the ingredients used in this formula are healthy and can greatly improve your life, however, you will also notice some artificial ingredients such as Liquid Sucralose and Carrageenan that make it’s a bad choice. Ensure protein drink side effects range from mild to more adverse. Nausea, constipation, diarrhea, and vomiting are the commonly noticed side effects although they don’t often last.

There are some cases of overdose or ignoring the instruction of usage results in more severe problems. Alteration of mental status and mood, weak pulse, breathing problems, irregular heartbeat, and seizures have also been reported as Ensure protein drink side effects.

We also know that our body needs enough nutrients to function normally. In the vent that the body can’t get these nutrients, we may encounter some complications. People who rely on upon Ensure protein shakes often end up getting a low amount of carbohydrates, fats among other nutrients. This results in reduced immunity, and bone problems.

Bottom Line

Ensure protein shake is commonly highly recommended for athletes and those wishing to manage their weight. The company has a good reputation thus you can always rely on their products. However, people with organ(liver) problems should avoid Sports nutrition drinks as much as possible to avoid overworking their system which may lead to more severe health.