It seems like everywhere you turn there is a cannabidiol (CBD) product. That said, one of the most common forms of CBD is topicals. From salves, balms, lotions, to creams, there seems to be a wide range of CBD topicals for skincare. But what is the best CBD cream that you add to your daily skincare regimen?

CBD Creams and Topical: What Are They?

CBD topicals and creams are simply normal topical skincare products that are infused with CBD. These products are suitable for external use. In addition, you need to only apply them to the skin to attain the benefits of CBD.

How Are CBD Creams Different Than Other CBD Products

CBD creams and other CBD products contain cannabidiol as their base ingredient. But there is a slight difference, for instance, CBD creams are used externally. You apply them to the skin to attain a localized effect. In addition to that, there are different types of CBD topical creams. You can find balms, butter, lotions, and salves in the market. All these are nearly similar products but they have different levels of consistency.

Benefits of CBD Topicals

The key potential benefits of using CBD topicals include soothing various types of skin problems. It can help heal wounds, reduce scars, and minimize the development of rashes or pimples. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD also enhance the effectiveness of topical creams in treating pain and inflammation.

  • CBD topical cream for wrinkles: this topical product can help to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. It may regulate or balance the production of oil, thereby reducing their appearance. Note that wrinkles and fine lines are usually more visible when the skin is dry.
  • CBD for dry skin: CBD hemp cream contains a perfect balance of essential fatty acids omega -3 and -6. These fatty acids can effectively and naturally nourish and moisturize dry skin.
  • CBD for skin disease: CBD topical creams can be effective for treating eczema thanks to its anti-inflammatory benefits. It can also help to treat psoriasis, an autoimmune disease that features patches of abnormal skin. These products reduce inflammation as well as the abnormal growth of skin cells.

Best Topical CBD Cream for Skin

There is no easier and better way than nourishing your skin with CBD. CBD has a lot of medical properties. It normally interacts with the endocannabinoid system, thereby enhancing the body’s natural balance. For those looking for the best CBD cream, here are some of our favorites.


HealthWorxCBD Topical is a nourishing product that will leave your skin looking flawless. This non-GMO CBD topical contains natural ingredients that promote healthy skin development. Apart from CBD, the cream also contains olive fruit oil, mango seed, butter, and kokum seed butter.

These quality ingredients make this CBD butter in rehydrating dry skin. It’s a great addition for application to a parched skin as it effectively rehydrates it. A container of this product contains 500 mg of CBD oil. This is a potent amount that ensures the user gets the optimal benefits of CBD.

Healthworx CBD topicals

  • CO2-extracted hemp 500 mg CBD Oil
  • Non-GMO and all-natural
  • It has a potent blend of organic ingredients
  • 100% of legal sources


  • Its nourished parched and dry skin
  • It’s organic with minimal side effects


  • None


We all love an effective product, especially if it’s a wellness product such as CBD balm. This is exactly what you get by using Sabaidee CBD balm. This topical product relieves and restores. The comforting cream that’s great for use on the go is very easy to apply. It’s an excellent portable solution that caters to your needs wherever you go.

Sabaidee CBD balm offers round the clock support. It can be your perfect day or night time skin regimen to restore your skin. Note that this made with a natural blend of botanical ingredients as well as premium CBD hemp extract. Generally, this product normally works synergistically to restore the skin’s health.

CBD Topical Creams

  • It contains a powerful blend of botanical ingredients
  • 100% high-quality CBD extract
  • A highly effective solution with 500mg of CBD per container
  • Tested for purity and potency by an independent 3rd-party lab
  • It contains less than 0.3% THC
  • Full-spectrum CBD hemp cream


  • Perfect for use on the go
  • Highly effective in nourishing the skin
  • It’s a powerful formula


  • It might take weeks before you see noticeable results


As one of the top brands with the best CBD cream for sale, Medterra’s CBD + Manuka cream will leave your skin rejuvenated. The product features the renowned New Zealand manuka honey with an extremely high level of effectiveness. This is a powerful honey that works alongside CBD to soothe and nourish the skin.

The multifunctional cream also features more than 20 types of botanical ingredients. Therefore, it’s a perfect remedy for various skin applications. You can add it to your daily skincare regimen and there’s no doubt that you will witness a noticeable change within a few days.


  • Expertly blended CBD topical cream in 125 mg or 250 mg container
  • It contains quality CBD, manuka honey, and more than 20 botanical ingredients
  • A multifunctional skincare regimen that’s suitable for various skincare applications


  • It leaves the skin moisturized for hours
  • Produces noticeable results within a short period
  • It isn’t greasy


  • The level of CBD concentration is quite low
  • It’s costly

Balance CBD

As a brand, Balance has been consistent in using tech to develop its products. Their CBD salve products are known to be effective in promoting wellness and improving the skin’s appearance. Balance CBD cream takes over all the components of the skin, rejuvenating them and removing radicals.

The brand uses powerful nanotechnology to ensure that the cream deeply penetrates across all the layers of the skin. Furthermore, this ointment also comes with uplifting aromas thanks to the sweet blend of essential oils.

Balance CBD

  • 100% organic with less than 0.3% THC
  • It contains effective essential oils such as rosemary menthol and lavender
  • 300 mg of CBD per bottle
  • Effectively penetrates deep past all the skin layers


  • Nourishes the skin and heals aching muscles
  • It’s safe and effective


  • The 300 mg content per bottle is too small

Spruce CBD

This is a strong CBD salve that will certainly “spruce” up your appearance.  For starters, this popular cream has a natural scent. In addition to that, it contains 300 mg of CBD and it’s perfect for application for all parts of the body.

Spruce CBD

  • It comes in a 300 mg bottle
  • 100% organic
  • Pure and effective full-spectrum CBD cream
  • Rejuvenates the skin and reduces signs of aging


  • The lab-grade product is highly effective
  • Free of pesticides and additives


  • Slight delays in shipping
  • Low amount of CBD per bottle

How to Apply CBD Cream

You need to apply CBD lotion and other similar topicals externally.  They have been created for external use hence they are for direct application on the skin. But how can you effectively apply your CBD topical cream?

Step 1: Do a Patch Test

A skin patch test is important in determining if the product is safe for use. There are some people with sensitive types of skin. This means that they may be at a high risk of suffering from serious burns and complications. A small patch test can help you to avoid this.

Step 2: Wash The Application Area

After a successful patch test, you can go ahead and use the topical cream. However, you need to wash your skin. This helps to remove dirt, debris, and dead skin cells that could have accumulated. Washing also opens the skin pores, thereby ensuring that you get optimal CBD effects. Use warm water and a mild cleanser for cleaning. Don’t forget to pat the skin dry.

Step 3: Apply CBD Topical

Finally, you can apply the topical cream. For optimal benefits, massage the cream in circular motions on your skin and then wash your hands when you’re done.

Are There Side Effects Of Using CBD On The Skin?

Using CBD ointment and related products doesn’t lead to serious health complications. This is because CBD’s safety profile is good. But this doesn’t mean that there no possible side effects. You can experience skin:

  • Irritation
  • Redness
  • Rashes
  • Burns

In case you experience something unusual, discontinue use and contact your dermatologist.

Bottom Line

CBD topical creams are effective in improving the skin’s health. They nourish and rejuvenate it, leaving it smooth and supple. The above products feature among the best CBD cream for skin because they are effective and have minimal side effects. However, it’s always advisable to first consult with your doctor before using any CBD product.