Bootea is a relatively new company that most people are yet to know about. One might, therefore, ask; what is bootea or Bootea Review and what products do they offer? It is a company that specializes in producing detox tea which helps to boost one’s health and ultimately results in weight loss.

What Products Do They Offer?

Two of its well-known products are the BooTea Daytime Teatox tea and the Bedtime Teatox tea. This review will focus on giving a better understanding of the Daytime Teatox Tea and the expected bootea results. The Bootea Company developed the Daytime detox tea as an alternative to their Bedtime Teatox. This is because the night bootea had a strong laxative known as senna. This meant that those who were using this tea had to use the bathroom frequently at night. The daytime bootea is a viable alternative as it has the less severe laxative effect of dandelion. It also has other herbal ingredients that assist in achieving bootea weight loss.

How Does Bootea Work?

There are various detox teas that promise a lot of benefits to those who use it. However, some have proved disappointing when they do not give the desired results. Therefore, it only follows those people that are curious about how this tea works.

Does bootea work for weight loss as it promises? The answer is yes. All the ingredients that are bootea contribute differently towards achieving a reduction in body weight. They can not only facilitate increased metabolism but also burn fat and suppress one’s appetite.

The ingredients that are in this detox tea include unique Siberian ginseng, lemongrass, oolong tea, dandelion, and ginger among others.  A bootea diet works through;

  • Suppressing Appetite

The herbal ingredients that are in the daytime teatox tea can efficiently reduce one’s appetite. As most people know by now, being keen on how you eat is essential towards a weight loss journey. People find it hard to lose weight because they cannot stop themselves from overeating. Going on a bootea diet can help prevent overeating.


One of the ingredients in this detox tea is fennel. It is an essential ingredient that contributes to weight loss by helping one to feel full. Yerba mate, another key ingredient, reduces the rate at which food is digested and emptied. That way, one will feel full for a longer time. Lastly, despite there not being a universal stand as to whether it can affect weight loss, lemongrass is another ingredient in this tea.

  • It Causes an Increase in Metabolic Rate

Bootea works by boosting the body’s metabolism. A higher metabolic rate means that the body will be able to burn more fat. Ultimately, if one keeps a record of their bootea before and after weight, they will notice a difference.

The constituents in the bootea detox have proved to be effective at increasing metabolic rates. Most notably, the oolong tea, which has antioxidant abilities, is known for causing an increased and rapid fat burning process. Most of the other weight loss detox tea products also have oolong tea. It is beneficial in that it can get rid of visceral fats around the abdomen.

In as much as there isn’t enough information on the connection between nettle leaf and whether it contributes to weight loss, several people believe that it can boost metabolism. Fennel is not only crucial for its ability to reduce one’s appetite but also for being able to cause a higher rate of fat-burning rate. This Daytime Teatox tea also has ginger. Many studies have pointed out that ginger is a great weight loss herb.

Lastly, it is a well-known fact that ginseng plays a significant role in increasing the metabolic rate. Bootea contains Siberian ginseng which is a different kind of ginseng which is not among those that are part of the genus ‘Panux.’


  • Reduces Bloating

Under this category, ginger is the most important ingredient. It cannot only facilitate better blood circulation but also ease cases of bloating.

  • Diuretic Properties

The ingredients that are in this tea, such as the dandelion, act as natural diuretics. A weight loss tea that cleanses the body is helpful towards weight loss. Dandelion does this by facilitating an increased production of urine. This removes excess water from the body which eventually helps to get rid of water weight.

How Does One Take Bootea?

Bootea comes as a teabag. This makes it convenient as it is very easy to use. From the name, one can determine that it is supposed to be taken during the day. It is recommended that one should not use this product for a period exceeding 28 days. After 28 days, one should take a break for about two weeks before they can get back to using it.

Side Effects of Bootea Review

What does bootea do to the body? It is imperative to have all the necessary information about any weight loss tea or supplement.  The people who have used this product have not reported any major bootea side effects. However, it should be noted that one might experience the urge to frequently go to the bathroom. Others also noted that they felt a bit sluggish after using it.

Due to its cleansing effect, the person who is using this tea should stay hydrated and increase their electrolytes. People who are currently on medication or suffering from diarrhea or inflammatory intestinal disease should not take this tea. Pregnant women are also advised against using bootea.

Bottom Line on Bootea Review

Bootea review weight loss indicate that this product might contribute to weight loss. The ingredients that it has are similar to those in products that have the same purpose. As much as it causes one to use the bathroom frequently, it is not likely to cause adverse side effects. Some reviewers have not been pleased by the taste that it has. However, those who have used it before are happy with the bootea results and the price of the product.