The world is advancing at a very steady rate with the ever evolving technology. If there is something that gets most affected in this case, it has be human fitness. Even though you might be health conscious, majority of the people are not. Even if you have managed to be health conscious, you will agree with us that it is not easy as it seems. Whether you are health conscious or not, the best way to achieve that will be tracking your daily calorie intake. This has been made possible by the current technological advancements. From the convenience of your smartphone that you can everywhere, you will be able to track your calorie intake anytime. All you need is to install the best calorie counter app. Now, this is where the problem lies since there are so many calorie counter apps available today. All the same, that should never be a concern since we have reviewed some of the leading calorie counter apps in this post. By the end of this post, you will have known your best calorie counter app. Let’s go!

What are Calories?

Before judging the best free calorie counter app from the many available options, we must first understand what calories are. A calorie is a basic measurement that indicates the energy amount present in the foods we eat. From a technical approach, it refers to the exact energy amount it takes to raise the temperature of a kg of water by a degree Celsius. As we all understand, different foods are made up of different macronutrients. In this case, they will all have a different number of calories. Knowing how to count calories makes all the difference between accelerating your goals and overeating specific macros such as fat or protein. This is what the best diet calorie counter app will be able to do you. All that you need is simply choosing the best.

Is There a Free App to Count Calories?

Definitely. Most of the calorie counter apps that we shall recommend are free. All the same, there are those apps with “premium” options and with advanced features. Still on that, there are some calorie counter apps that will require you to spend a few dollars every month. The choices will only be limited by what works for you as well as your monthly budget.

Which Calorie Counting App is Accurate?

One thing that we must all agree is that there is no app that is 100% accurate. The best calorie counter app will have an accuracy level of 99%. When it comes to counting super precise amounts, it is tricky to avoid factoring in some human error. Even for the best calorie counter app, its accuracy will depend on what you make of it. If you are keenly tracking your individual calorie intake, it is good that you be very precise. What we mean in short is that estimates might give you a proper idea of the amount that you are eating as well as the sources for the same.

5 Best Calorie Counter App

Lose It

This health tracker feature an easy-to-use exercise log and a food diary. Just like other leading calorie counter apps, this one easily synchronizes with other fitness devices. Lose it! App offers a customized recommendation of calorie intake based on individual weight, goals, age and height. Some of its features include the comprehensive food database and the icon standing for every food entry. Adding new foods to the food diary is simple and straightforward. This app also features a barcode scanner for the packaged foods. With its ‘challenges’ tab, this app allows you to get involved in different dietary challenges or come up with your own. To access extra features, you will need a premium membership.

My Fitness Pal

This is among the well-known and best calorie counter apps today. By tracking your weight, it will recommend the best calorie intake for you on a daily basis. It also features a well-designed exercise log and food diary. Through its homepage, you will see a clear picture of the calories consumed, the remaining calories and the ones that you have burned through exercise. The good thing about this fitness app is that it synchronizes with fitness tracing devices. Even better, it offers a chat forum with other users where you get personal success stories and real conversations. This app offers a free version even though there are features that are only accessible in its premium version.

My Net Dairy

This app takes an input of your food and later tracks the calorie intake accordingly. After entering extra details such as age, current weight, gender, height and the target weight, the app will create a calorie budget. This will be the amount of calories you need to consume daily to achieve your target. It also prides itself on a community forum where you can chat with fellow users and share tips. Ideally, this app is ideal for people on-the-go.

Fat Secret

If you are looking for the best free calorie counter app in 2021, this one is the right pick. It features a nutrition database, an exercise log, a weight chart, healthy recipes and many other features. Its barcode scanner will be very useful in tracking packaged foods. From this app’s homepage, you will see your calorie intake with a breakdown of the macronutrients for every meal. The app is ideal for tracking the entire progress since it gives the daily calorie intake and the averages for every month. Other than being user-friendly, you will appreciate its chat community where you can access success stories.


This one allows you to easily track your diet, body weight as well as exercises. It offers precise serving sizes and a very strong exercise database. When pregnant or lactating, it will be very easy to choose a customized profile based on your calorie needs. Its food diary is user-friendly and very simple. Below that, you will find a full breakdown of proteins, carbs and fats along with the total calories that you have consumed.

Wrap Up

Nutrient trackers along with calorie trackers are very incredible tolls for people looking to lose, maintain and gain some weight. With such tools, you will be able to make certain changes in your diet like eating fewer carbs or eating more protein. If you are looking for the best calorie tracking experience, you need the best calorie counter app for iPhone or Android. It does not matter what platform you are using since there is an app for each and every platform. When tracking your calorie intake, it is highly advisable not to track the intake constantly. Instead, you need to try it occasionally like for a few days or some weeks to get a better view of your diet. In this manner, you will have a better understanding of the places that need adjustments as you work towards your fitness goals.