Have you ever pledged with yourself that you would do everything in your capacity to lose weight? Determined to achieve this goal, you are now making all the necessary lifestyle changes. You may give a 360-degree turn to your diet. One may cut all the carbohydrates, greasy and processed food, dine out, and junk. Additionally, you also added the necessary cardio of thirty minutes with thirty minutes of yoga to help you lose the carbs stored in your body.

As an individual has the routine and motivation, one practiced the above lifestyle for two months. After two months, you check your weight on the scale, and it is still the same. You have not lost a single pound. The absence of a significant weight change may frustrate you. Despite all the motivation, you may feel unaccomplished, low, and demotivated. One may even throw all the diet food and workout equipment out of their house. Well, the frustration is real. But what can be the possible reasons for this? Have you ever wondered? The article below contains fifteen different reasons as to why you may not lose weight. It talks about the myths, diet, and workouts that may go wrong in your weight loss journey. Thus, hindering you reach your desired goal.

Hidden Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight

1. You’re Focusing Too Much on Scale

It may be the case in many weight loss journeys. We regularly hear that the weight scale is still showing the same number. However, one may not realize that there can be a way that they are losing weight, and it is not showing on the scale. Water retention can be the reason for the weight scale not budging. The hormones of the human body played a significant role in retaining the water in the body. Therefore, it is plausible that one is losing fat, but one cannot see it on the scale because of water retention.

Another reason for scale telling the same story can be the formation of muscles. As the workout kick in, you may be losing weight and building muscles simultaneously. In that case, the weight on the scale may stay the same. However, it does not mean that you are not losing weight. So rather than relying on the scale, one needs to focus on other methods of measuring weight. For example, you can try my measuring your inches on the waist, hip, chest, and thigh. If you see inches decreasing, the scale weight remains the same; trust us, you are on the right track. Thus, do not only rely on your weight machine to understand if diet and workout are kicking in or not.

2. You’re Not Drinking Enough Water

There are a lot of minerals in our diet which require water for absorption. According to the twelve studies conducted, people who drank water half an hour before their meals lost 44% more weight than the others. Thus, having a healthy diet and workouts is good. But one needs to take care of their water consumption as well. Stay hydrated because we believe it may aid in your weight loss journey.

3. You’re getting Healthier without Realizing It

There are high chances that the change is taking place, but you do not realize it. Once you start eating clean, your body starts repairing the damage from within first. So, if you do not see any change for few days or even weeks, you need to be patient. Also with weight machines use other methods of measuring. For example, look at your fittings when you wear old clothes. Furthermore, also check your measuring size.

4. You’re Still Drinking Sugar

You may not realize, but there are fair chances that one is still consuming sugar in the form of liquids in their diet. We all know that soft drinks like Coke and Pepsi have a lot of sugar. Similarly, creamy drinks like the cold latte and caramel drinks have a lot of sugar in them. Sugar has singlehandedly made carbohydrates a bane to fitness in some people’s eyes. However, it would help if you had healthy carbohydrates for a balanced diet. However, very few people know that our supplements like vitamin and calcium tablets that get dissolved in water also contain a vast amount of sugar.

Similarly, the fresh fruit juices considered “healthy” contain a large amount of sugar. So, if you take fresh juices, replace them with raw fruit. For example, rather than having a glass of fresh orange juice (which is the juice of 6-8 oranges), one can eat an orange instead. This way, you can control the sugar intake and consume the vitamins, fiber, and other benefits of orange. Thus, review your food chart today again; if there are drinks involved in them, try to cut them down or replace them. We are sure you may see the difference soon.

5. You’re on a Fuel Roller Coaster

Do not use oils and any other fuel roller coaster as you are losing weight. They can be the reason behind your unable to lose weight.

Letting you lose weight

6. You’re Eating too Many Calories

It is possible that despite cutting all the “unhealthy food” from your life, you may still are consuming too many calories. Mind you that many researchers conclude that people underestimate their calorie intake significantly. Therefore, you may not realize but consume a large number of calories. This can be the significant reason for you not losing weight.

To deal with this issue, try to be more vigilant. Understand the number of calories that your food contains. You may also use the apps like a calorie counter and calories calculation.

One puts the name of their food in it, and they calculate the estimated amount of calories that one is eating. You need to observe your calories to lose weight, especially if you switch your calories with protein. So, beware of your calorie intake. If you do not calculate, start calculating them today and see the difference.

7. You’re Trying to Do Too Much Too Soon

Unrealistic expectations can also make someone feel underachieved. We need to understand that all of us are different and so are our bodies. So keeping a comparison or expecting to lose several amounts of kilograms may not be the right approach. When someone is losing weight, patience is vital. And too much would not change in a short span. So understand that expectations should be honest. The goal should be achievable and practical too.

8. You’re Not Eating Enough Protein

Protein is the essential component in losing weight. Protein intake helps in the reduction of cravings, provides a sufficient amount of energy, and helps an individual lose the carbohydrates from the body. Additionally, it also supports hormones and boosts brain activity throughout the day. So, review your chart and add a heavy protein breakfast to your diet. Research shows that people who have high protein breakfasts remain active throughout the day. Their cravings also decrease, and it also prevents the decrease in metabolic rate. So, add a sufficient amount of protein to your diet today, and it may help you lose those extra pounds.

9. You’re Eating too Little Fiber

Fiber is also an essential nutrient in the weight loss journey. Fiber is responsible for the absorption of nutrients into the body. At the same time, it prevents the individual from issues like constipation and bowel movements. So understand that you need to consume a sufficient amount of fiber to have sustainable weight loss.

10. You’re Stressed Out

Stress may be part of your life because of a hectic routine or lack of sleep. However, if you are stressed out, understand it may hinder your weight loss journey. People who are stressed out usually tend not to think about well-balanced meals. Instead, they may grab for their meal whatever they find convenient in the given moment.

Furthermore, with stress, the issue of stress eating may also arrive. One eats food to get the warmth one needs. Thus, this may not go with your diet plan. You may not make your food which is diet, and find an excuse to eat pizza again. To get rid of this issue, understand that the weight loss journey requires a balanced lifestyle. You need to manage your stress and organize your life a bit. So, if you are one of those who have a high-stress level and got some weight to shed a lookout for some stress management techniques, this may help you a lot with your weight loss journey.

11. Food Pusher Surrounds You

Understand losing weight is not a competition. Do not compare your journey with anyone so, if somebody is telling you to have a keto diet, it works for them. There are high chances that the same diet may not work for you. Beware!

12.You’re Sitting at a Desk All Day

Are you an individual who has nine to five schedules? Or maybe the content creator who edits their funny videos all day long? Well, understand if you sit more than you do any other activity, which can be why you are not losing weight. Along with an appropriate diet and workout, an active lifestyle is essential. So, manage and make a routine that breaks the cycle of you and your chair on which you sit all day.

13. You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep

According to studies, there is a vast connection between sleep and weight loss. A study shows that people who do not get enough sleep are at the risk of gaining 55%-89% more weight. So if you are not losing weight, you need to review your sleep cycles. If they are not regular, it can be a significant factor. Fix your sleep cycles to achieve your desired level of weight.

14. Your Diet Has Become Monotonous

After shedding a few pounds, you may find your workout and diet and work for you. You may stick to the same meals; however, your weight is stuck on the same number after some time. Well, if this is the case, your diet has become too monotonous for your body. The human body can adapt and make peace with new things. As the diet plan stays the same, it may stop working for you. Thus, your weight, as a result, would stay the same. In this case, we recommend our readers to keep switching their meals and diet plan from time to time. This would help their body not get used to one meal.

15. You’re Not Doing Cardio

Cardio is essential to losing weight. If you are sticking to your diet plan but is not very particular about your cardio routine, wake up! Work on your cardio and stick to it. It is always 30% workout and 70% diet. To get the best results to stick to both of them. Add the cardio through any sport, running, or gym exercises. We are sure if you do this, you may see the change in scale soon.

Bottom Line

The weight loss journey isn’t continuously simple, and various variables can bring it to a standstill. At the main fundamental level, weight misfortune disappointment happens when calorie admissions are rise to or higher than calorie expenditure. Try methodologies extending from careful eating to keeping a nourishment journal, from eating more protein to doing quality exercises. In conclusion, changing your weight and your way of life requires commitment, self-discipline, diligence, and flexibility.