There are so many shakes on the market today, from new blends to premium blends to gluten-free and extra protein, it can all be totally overwhelming. Then throw in all the different companies that make these products and it’s an added headache that can be very confusing for even seasoned fitness enthusiasts. So what better way to help clear the fog then through a thorough 310 Shakes review to see if picking this particular product is an easy choice to make.

What are 310 Shakes?

Firstly, let’s dive in a see what precisely the 310 Shakes is. The manufacturer of this product is 310 nutrition which is centered in Las Vegas. The company specializes in lifestyle nutrition, aimed at achieving weight-loss. From shakes to bars to weight loss supplements, 310 nutrition contains a myriad of various fitness products. The website even provides gym equipment.

What Does the Public Think?

The company seems to have a very high approval rate of 92% and glowing comments to boot. On the BBB website, they received an 83% approval rating which amounts to an A- grade. However, they also received 43 complaints from customers. Most of these complaints were with regards to the samples from 310 nutrition. When signing up for a sample the website does not alert you to the fact that you’re signing into an agreement whereby you will be charged over $100 two weeks from the purchase of the sample. It would be fair for 310 nutrition to rectify this problem and make this agreement much more visible in the future. These are not the only problems people have with the 310 Shakes. There are much best meal replacement shakes in the markets which you should know for yourself.

Other 310 Shakes reviews seem to center on the taste of the shake being disagreeable. However, with over 7 different flavors and an array of recipes to help you make your own flavors, it is likely that everyone will find some flavor that they can enjoy.

How Do 310 Shakes Work?

Now to get into the bones of this 310 shakes review, and ask how exactly do the 310 shakes work? The 310 Shakes is designed as a meal replacement shake. The 310 website claims that you can replace up to 2 meals a day with the shake. The suggested amount is one scoop, claiming that the shakes help suppress your appetite, leading to weight loss. Because the 310 Shakes is the protein shake, it is best to avoid taking these protein shakes too often due to possible kidney problems in processing that amount of protein.

310 Shakes make some pretty bold claims on their website, claiming their shakes are different from all others and better than any competitor. Not only will the 310 Shakes help you to reduce your weight it will also enable you to have a much better lifestyle more suited to you. The listing for the 310 protein shakes on Amazon attest that their meal shakes are designed to support you through their use of loads of different minerals and vitamins. Again, not the most detailed description of the product or how it’s supposed to work

310 Shakes Benefits

There are 3 main benefits when considering 310 Shakes. First is muscle building. Shakes have a great benefit for muscle building after exercise. This is especially true of protein in liquid form, which allows the protein to be dispersed to the muscles quicker. Secondly, the use of protein shakes can greatly help in appetite control, which can make weight loss much easier. Thirdly, the 310 Shakes are easily transportable and so consuming shakes on the go is a simple task.310 Shakes

The Ingredients of 310 Shakes Review

Now to what you’ve all be looking for in this 310 Shakes review; the ingredients. According to the 310-website, 310-shakes have plenty of fiber and vitamins, along with minerals and a healthy dose of protein powder. While certainly a positive thing, this doesn’t give away much information about the actual ingredients. The 310 Shake has other ingredients as well, namely plant-based proteins, vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, superfood greens, and minerals. Every 310 Shake comes with 15 grams of the 310 proprietary protein formula. “Tri-Plex”, the name of 310 nutrition’s proprietary blend, boasts the following proteins; Proteins from Brown Rice, Hemp Protein, and Pea Protein. 310 Shakes also make some very important nutritional claims. Notably, they claim that their product is; free from Gluten, sugar-free, soy-free, free from dairy, and also free from any artificial sweeteners.

The Options

310’s protein blend comes in two distinct options each with their own ingredients;

 1. Tri-Plex Protein which includes: Pea protein, Fiber Blend, Rice protein, Yerba Mate, and Hemp protein.

 2. 310 Greens Blend which includes the following: Dandelion root extract, Organic fruit & vegetable extracts, Grape seed extract, Pomegranate, and Beet juice.

Deals and Offers

310 Shakes can be bought directly from their website at They can also be purchased through Amazon. Not only does the company distribute across the USA and Canada, but it also ships internationally. For anyone who is interested in trying out the product after reading this 310 shakes review, 310 nutrition has some great deals on offer. They have tonnes of discounts on their site ranging from 30% to 50% off. A particularly good deal is the Shake Starter Kit which is 30% off.

This deal includes the 310 shakes in 5 different flavors, a choice of two supplements; either 310 Thin or 310 Meta boost, and you also get a voucher for a 30-minute personal session with a Certified Head Coach, at a retail value of $29.99. An added bonus is the recipe book titled Shake it off’ worth $19.99, which contains loads of information and advice that’s perfect to help beginners. They also have a massive Super Saving Bundle, which contains 4 bags of 310 Shakes as well as Thin and Metaboost Supplements, the personal training session, and the recipe book as well. You can get a discount on all 310 products by using the code 310FIT at checkout.

Bottom Line

So, at the end of our 310 Shakes review and we have to ask, is it worth it?’. The website is nicely laid out and easy to manage and judging from customer reviews the products are delivered on time and have benefitted them greatly. While the high prices can be disconcerting, and the comments on taste are certainly something a potential buyer needs to consider. It does appear the 310 shakes are worth going the extra mile for.